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It's time to envision a different future.

Are you charting the Third Half you want?

The future of aging is changing—and gone are the days of traditional retirement. At Third Half Advisors™ (THA) we use a strengths-based approach to help you continue to live a purpose-driven life in your Third Half. 


What’s a Third Half? It’s a bonus half because although life is changing, there’s still a lot of game to be played. Therefore, we provide the tools, curriculum, coaching and community to help inspire and foster living your best life in what we hope will be your best half.

Ways We Can Help You 

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Nov. 4th & 11th, 2024

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Fostering a Third Half Community

Our Lift Conversations keep our community informed, connected, and empowered.

Held monthly, our complimentary Lift Conversation Series is a set of virtual conversations led by inspiring speakers who specifically address relevant Third Half topics.

Upcoming Events

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Why Third Half?

Along with wealth and health, research has found that with purpose, our overall wellbeing and longevity improves. For example, people with a sense of purpose are 2.4 times less likely to develop Alzheimer's or even minor cognitive problems.* 

Yet all too often, highly successful, driven, and passionate individuals struggle to find purpose when their primary career concludes—and their wellbeing suffers as a result.

We seek out financial advisors to help with our wealth and the medical community helps with our health. Who helps us find meaning and purpose? Enter Third Half Advisors. Our curriculum and programs are designed to help you explore and find your true purpose for the next phase of your life.

*Source: U. Cal San Fran. Study

Inspirational Stories
We help you find purpose.
Our Third Half Approach

Our Exploration Method



Your Tailwinds

We use a strengths-based, scientifically-proven method to help you understand how your unique strengths are invaluable to unlocking an abundant Third Half and learning to soar.



Your Compass

Defining individual values is like determining a personal North, South, East and West. Understanding your direction ensures alignment of your best self with daily life and sets a course for further exploration.

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Your Radar

How you choose to spend your time is vital. Whom you will see, what you will do, where you will go… Your interests are examined with the Portfolio Life model to help you find balance and manage time.



Managing a new sense of time and identity can be challenging in the Third Half. To help you with this, you'll create a strategic map to help guide your decision making and shape your Third Half vision.


This program brought clarity and focus to my Third Half. I am much more aware of the kinds of activities that energize and reward me, on which I will concentrate my efforts going forward.

– New Haven (Study at Yale) Attendee

Are you ready to create the Third Half you want?

Let's talk. It's free. It's 30 minutes. It's all about you—and your Third Half.

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