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One-On-One Coaching

If you want a more in-depth chance to explore and clarify your Third Half path, individual coaching may be a good choice for you. Our one-on-one coaching allows you to identify, explore, and pursue various avenues where your skills align with your future activities to provide energy, meaning, and purpose.


Your coach is an accountable and trusted partner who will provide you with personalized support and resources, allowing you to dive more deeply into each of the essential elements of a successful Third Half life. 

This Personalized Time Provides a Chance to...
  • Reflect upon and update what brings you greatest meaning (your values)

  • Refresh and articulate your key strengths and energizers (your strengths)

  • Explore professional and personal interests and activities that align with your values and strengths

  • Develop a plan for pursuing future “portfolio of purpose” activities

  • Create a current biography and update LinkedIn profile

In addition to coaching, our Lift Conversation Series is integral to our Third Half Community.

Are you ready to further explore your Third Half potential?

Let's talk. It's free. It's 30 minutes.
Its' all about you—and your Third Half.

Aerial Photo of a Forest

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in making new landscapes but in having new eyes.  


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