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Third Half Video Library

Third Half Masters Series with Mike Cerre

Episode 1

Want to get inspired? Follow along as we share stories from Mike Cerre, an Emmy Award-winning correspondent, documentary producer and global storyteller as he interviews Third Half Masters across the country.

Episode 2

Up next in our Third Half Masters series: Mike talks to Frances Mayes, author of Under The Tuscan Sun, as she uncovers the new experiences that come along with moving to a foreign country.

Episode 3

Mike talks to former Time Inc. executive Barry Meinerth, who retires from his corporate life in New York to start an Alpaca farm in Vermont.

Episode 4

Mike spends some time with former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan who took over his hometown’s struggling minor league baseball team and turned it into a community treasure.

Episode 5 

Mike meets with model Cindy Joseph & Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart - two creatives who found their calling doing something different in their Third Half.

Episode 6 

Mike talks to former Television Director John Collins, whose lifelong interest in making paper airplanes is keeping him youthful and having fun in his new career - teaching STEM education.

Episode 7 

Another Inspiring Third Half, Paula Boggs discusses with Mike how she gave up her job as Starbucks Chief Counsel to restart her singing career that she put on hold to become a lawyer. 

Episode 8 

Mike takes a look at’s Gen to Gen program which works to bring generations together and enables Third Halfers to realize the power of older and younger generations working side by side for change.

Episode 9 

Mike talks to Bill Pinkney, a former cosmetics salesman who became the first African American to solo sail around the world. Watch this video to hear about his adventure.

Episode 10 

This is our last installment of Season 1 for our Third Half Masters series with Mike Cerre. Here, Mike Cerre talks to Eric Hastings, a former Marine fighter pilot, who found a sense of stillness, calm and purpose in fishing in his Third Half. As you look forward to the next chapter, we hope these Masters stories have brought you inspiration.

Life on the Road with THA Coach, Polly Chandler

Episode 1 

Third Half Advisor’s Coach and Program Facilitator, Polly Chandler is setting out on a trip across the United States in the summer to reinvigorate her relationships with friends and family, make new connections and fulfill her Portfolio Life. And she will be sharing her experiences with us. 

Episode 2

Do you have a place, experience or thing in your life that guides you home? That brings your best self out? For Polly Chandler, that is a lighthouse in Nova Scotia, where she is currently spending time during her summer on the road. What is your lighthouse?

Episode 3

Are you considering a move in your Third Half? Take a moment to think about places that feel like home to you. What do they all have in common? This week, Polly Chandler checks in from Lake Champlain and shares how her consistent sense of place involves water and being with family and close friends. What places feel like home for you?

Episode 4

When was the last time you asked yourself, “how can I spend my time doing the things that fill me up?” In the Third Half, we talk a lot about living abundantly and often ask ourselves questions like this. Watch Polly Chandler’s dispatch from Lake Superior to hear her advice.

Episode 5

In the Third Half, many people have a threshold moment: a moment where you are standing at a point in your post-career and wondering "which way I should go?". Have you encountered this? In her last video from our summer series “Life on the Road with Polly Chandler”, Polly shares her experience. 

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