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Lift Conversation Series

Living your best Third Half is an ongoing process of learning. Our Lift Conversation Series is a motivating set of conversations with inspiring speakers who address topics relating to our Third Half Portfolio Life perspective.

Lift Sessions are generally one to two hours long. We limit attendance to promote interaction and meaningful conversation with the speakers. Our Lift Series goal is to provide continued enrichment and interaction for members of the Third Half Advisors community.

Upcoming Lift Conversations
for 2024
No upcoming events at the moment
Lift Conversation Example Topics
  • Exploring the Arts and Creativity

  • Consultation 'Gigs' & Entrepreneurship

  • Social Impact Ventures

  • Helping Adult Children Become Financially Independent

  • Downsizing—How to Make Difficult Decisions

  • Healthcare & Wellness

  • Everyday Mindfulness

  • Adventure Travel

Past Lift Conversation Topics 

Third Half Advisors has played an invaluable role in helping me transition to a fresh, new phase of my life. Through Core Day and LIFT sessions, combined with personal work on skills analysis, I found the confidence I needed to walk away from a decades-long career to find new meaning. I also loved meeting so many other talented people who were going through a similar process... it's a fantastic, supportive community!

–  Third Half Attendee

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Aerial View of Islands

The task of the hero is to claim one’s own life and place in the world instead of having one’s life and place in the world determined by others.


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