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Module 1

Introduction to Third Half Strengths

Seminar 1: Your Authentic Self

  • Develop a greater understanding of how you can use your top strengths to make the best choices for your most authentic Third Half.

  • Be inspired by stories of people who have successfully transitioned to fulfilling Third Halves.

  • Find new connections with interesting and unique participants through a highly interactive session with like-minded people.

  • Create the next action steps for your Third Half exploration prompted by our highly experienced  Third Half coaches

Practicum 1: Creating Your Intentional Plan

  • Learn about a unique Third Half Navigation System that will help you answer questions like “What’s next?” and “How will I spend my time in my Third Half?”

  • Begin to understand how a strengths-based approach to planning can result in more engaging, energizing, and focused outcomes. During this session we strategically weave the content of our first workshop, “Unlocking Third Half Strengths” into your weekly activities.

  • Create a draft of a personal plan and schedule for moving forward more intentionally on your Third Half goals while engaging with fellow Third Half community members.

A discount is provided for those who purchase all three learning modules. 

This program brought clarity and focus to my Third Half. I am much more aware of the kinds of activities that energize and reward me, on which I will concentrate my efforts going forward.

–  Detroit Attendee

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