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Module 2

Values and Portfolio Life Perspective

Seminar 2: Your Authentic Self

  • Continue with a robust examination of your personal ‘wiring' by understanding your personal value as a personal compass that guides your Third Half direction.

  • Learn about the concept of a “Portfolio Life Perspective” and start a deeper dive into your own personal values and interests.

  • Continue to accent your individual strengths in your exploration.

Practicum 2: Creating Your Purposeful Plan

  • Continue to work with your personal navigation system incorporating many of our teachings and learnings from the first module as well as Seminar 2 

  • Practice methods of using your values and interests, along with your unique strengths, to make decisions and allocate time in your Third Half. 

  • Learn about the “personal decision matrix” which will help add empirical values to alternative choices. 

  • Continue to explore the concept of a  “portfolio of activities” and how this concept can add vibrancy to your daily life. 

  • Gain a better awareness of where you want to spend your time versus where you are actually spending time from week to week. 

A discount is provided for those who purchase all three learning modules. 

I was blown away by all facets of the meeting.  The caliber of the presenters, the people attending and the material were all outstanding.  I came away with a desire to pursue something beyond my career.  I endorse this program for anyone thinking about growing.

–  Detroit Attendee

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