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Module 3

Community, Meaning and Purpose

Seminar 3: Community Connections

  • Gain inspiration from others on how they build connections beyond the workplace community.

  • Examine which of your strengths helps you to build your strong, vital connections throughout a portfolio life.

  • Explore who you want to spend time with and who you may want/need to phase out of your Third Half.

  • Understand different ways that people build authentic and complementary relationships

  • Adopt a planning tool called GROW.  Setting specific goals for the future and leveraging your success from the past to build success in the future.

Seminar 4: Purpose and Meaning

  • Evaluate four different ways to define and claim one’s Third Half purpose.

  • Gain inspiration from key authors and poets on how they define purpose and meaning.

  • Examine your Internal resume as a way to explore how you use passion, curiosity, a growth mindset, and grit in the Third Half.

  • Map your purpose timeline.  Look at where you’ve had deep passion, perseverance, and purpose throughout the decades of your life

  • Claim a Purpose Statement that will guide your strengths and values

Capstone Practicum  

  • Examine how to leverage your strengths and values while defining your legacy.

  • Summarize the key learnings from Modules 1-3.

  • Put action steps around all aspects of your portfolio life.

  • Complete a visual guide that will be used to help you shape, inspire, and refine your Third Half.

  • Cast a successful Third Half vision that is unique to your strengths, values, portfolio life, community, and purpose.

A discount is provided for those who purchase all three learning modules. 

Third half Partners provide a wonderful tool to begin the discovery process about what the next phase of my life could be.

–  Detroit Attendee

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