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Time Management in Your Third Half

Time management is an interesting concern for Third Half’ers. While the term may conjure up the utility of time for business success, it is also more important than one might realize in the post career world. Because there is no set structure without the schedule of a business day, time can slip by without recognizing the value of it. We know that time is one of our most important resources though it can fly by without planning or intentionality. Remember, you are the pilot and can design a life of meaning and purpose in a more autonomous Third Half- but you may still need a little structure.

So, here is a simple idea for organizing one’s priorities from week to week. There will always be an endless list of tasks, no matter the stage of life. Once one accepts that basic fact and realizes that the list will never be completed, one idea is to have a weekly list of 10 things, and 10 only. The notion is that no additions to the list can be made until one is ticked off. In that way, you will remain focused on what is important to you. The rest is small stuff and you should never sweat the small stuff.

*Dotty is an acronym for something that you would rather not do or plan to do later. Make it your goal to complete one DOTTY per day.

How do you manage your time in your Third Half? Share with us in the comments.


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