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CliftonStrengths Assessment Code

  • CliftonStrengths is an online assessment tool that helps you discover what you naturally do best, where you have the most potential and what makes you exceptional. As Third Half specialists, we can help you understand these results as they relate to making Third Half decisions. With the help of this assessment and other thinking tools, we will help you make meaningful choices, address challenges and enhance the quality of your later life. By raising your self-awareness to a whole new level and by knowing more about your personal 'wiring', we know you will have a better chance of finding meaning and purpose in your Third Half. We have had hundreds of participants who have validated the power of this assessment.

    • It's the most specific and insightful tool we have ever used to understand what you will enjoy doing most in your Third Half.
    • It will provide an invaluable foundation to build a successful Third Half blueprint.
    • The test is easy and painless to take-- the time commitment is 30 minutes.
    • Science: this assessment is based on credible research and the science of a 30-year research study on human strengths, with a rigorous empirical process (6,000 people take this test a day). The assessment tool has strong reliability (both internal and test-retest consistency), strong validity and has been repeatedly subjected to psychometric examination.
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