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Strengths Debriefing

Much like a tailwind that blows in the direction of travel, your strengths push you forward and allow you to thrive in your Third Half. Using CliftonStrengths, an online assessment tool, we help you discover what you naturally do best, where you have the most potential and what makes you exceptional.

Our one-on-one Strengths Debriefing was developed as a result of numerous requests from past Milestone participants. It's designed for you to start understanding how to use the CliftonStrengths test results before even attending one of our programs. It's a great first "action" step to move forward in your Third Half.

This Personalized Debriefing Provides a Chance to...
  • Understand your unique combination of talents.

  • Clarify how your strengths can help you navigate new opportunities and overcome challenges even outside of a corporate setting.

  • Maximize your key competencies to thrive in your Third Half of life. 

Purchase & Schedule Your Strengths Debriefing

Strengths Debriefing with CliftonStrengths Assessment Code 


You'll be emailed a code to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment as well as schedule your time for your 1:1 Strengths Debriefing call.


CliftonStrengths Assessment Code

30-Minute, 1:1 Strengths Debriefing

Playing Soccer
Attend Our  Virtual Milestone Program

Course Packages Include a Strengths Debriefing Option

Dedicated time to discover your possibilities.

Online Class
Artist at Work

Are you ready to explore your Third Half potential?

Let's talk. It's free. It's 30 minutes.

It's all about you—and your Third Half.

Paragliding in the Mountains

Awaken your spirit to adventure; hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world awaits you.

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