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In-Person Core Day

Our one-day, in-person program, referred to as our Core Day, is an opportunity for you to get reacquainted with your own "SELF" and gather the information that will help you make informed decisions on what you want to do next—and how to do it.


This one-day course is facilitated by coaches who are highly credentialed, business-minded, impact-oriented and experienced in Third Half issues.

Our objective is that each one of our members leaves the day feeling inspired, better informed, and acquainted with new "thinking" tools. In addition, you'll become part of a new and vibrant learning community that you can connect with going forward.

Gain Clarity to Move Forward

In our research, we found this chapter requires clarity in four areas to move forward: Strengths, Values, Blockers, and Priorities.

Throughout the Core Day, we will take a closer look at each one of these areas using interactive exercises and learning tools. You'll also interact throughout the day with like-minded individuals who are wrestling with some of the same questions, thoughts and feelings that are part of this phase of life.


What a great day with Third Half Advisors. Really interesting on so many levels. First, I have to say that the CliftonStrengths questionnaire and ultimate results were REALLY interesting... the complete report had more guidelines on how to use the information more effectively in your daily life, not just in terms of pursuing career or post-career goals. A lot more information was included on how to pursue passions and grow skill sets, interests, etc. Really helpful. I have done some workshops in the past and none utilized information on this level at all.  

–  West Palm Beach Attendee

After Core Day, our Virtual Learning Program offers continued exploration and Third Half strategies.

Are you ready to explore your Third Half possibilities?

Contact Us About Our Upcoming In-Person Core Day or Our Virtual Learning Program

Paragliding in the Mountains

Awaken your spirit to adventure; hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world awaits you.

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